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Bangle Electroplated


* Colours may differ depending on the browsers.
* Please email us at fcq@fcq.com for prices, details and terms & conditions.
* Prices shown are retail prices FOB Cebu City, Philippines and are subject to confirmation by FCQ Sales representatives.
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Wicker and Carved Wood 
web bullet Wicker 
web bullet Carved Wood 
web bullet Carved Wood With Shell 
Teeny Weeny Bracelets 
web bullet Chevron Bracelets
web bullet Multi Layered Bracelets
thread & cord lines 
web bullet Braided bracelets
web bullet Multi colored beaded wood
web bullet pearlized spray-painted
web bullet River shell in slipper design
Mosaic Ornaments 
web bullet Synthetic Stones
web bullet Beads
web bullet Charms
web bullet Pendants
web bullet Resin Jewelry
web bullet Banana Colour
web bullet Foam Colour
web bullet Mint Green Colour
Resin's Up Again 
web bullet Candy Colored Resins
web bullet Fiber Embedded Resins
web bullet Marblelike Resins
web bullet Marblelized Resin
web bullet Faux Stone Effect Resins
web bullet Embedded Resin Chips
web bullet Embedded Aluminum Foils
web bullet Radiant Resins
web bullet Spotted Effect Resins
web bullet Animal Prints
web bullet Guinea Fowl Feathers
Chain Links & Chain Rings 
web bullet abaca strips wrapped
    chain and rings
web bullet bone and horn chain
web bullet buri strips chain links
web bullet buri twine chain links
web bullet crocheted thread wrap
    chain links
web bullet fabric wrapped
    chain links
web bullet floral prints paper
    wrapped chain rings
web bullet glass beads wrap rings
web bullet natural wood chain links
web bullet nito chain links
web bullet painted wood chain and
web bullet pasted wood chain cleos
web bullet rattan chain links
web bullet resin chain links
web bullet thread wrap chain links
web bullet wicker chain links
Polysack Treasures 
web bullet Laminated Polysack
Handpainted Splendor 
web bullet Handpainted Focals and
Shell Flakes 
web bullet Colored Shell Flakes
web bullet Laminated Shell Flakes
web bullet Multi-colored Shell
web bullet Shell Flakes Beads
web bullet Shell Flakes Cuffs and
web bullet Shell Flakes In Leaf
web bullet Shell Flakes In Resin
web bullet Shell Flakes Necklace
web bullet Unlaminated Shell
Athen's Designs
web bullet Atheen's Designs,
    Melinda Necklace
web bullet Atheen's Designs,
    Angelina Necklace
web bullet Atheen's Designs,
    Lisa Necklace
web bullet Atheen's Designs,
    Susie Necklace
Grommetted Pandras
web bullet Dyed Wood Pandras
web bullet More Pandras Necklaces
    and Bracelets
web bullet Pandras Laminates
web bullet Natural Wood Pandras
web bullet Abaca Pandras
web bullet Resin Pandras
web bullet Soutache Pandras
web bullet Stone Pandras
web bullet More Decoupage Pandras
Eco-friendly Pandra
web bullet Decoupage Pandras
web bullet Shagreen Pandras
web bullet Pandras Necklaces and
 Binanig Treats
web bullet Necklaces
web bullet Earrings
web bullet Headbands
web bullet Hair Accessories
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 Hooked On Pandra
web bullet Beads
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why buy from us

F Llamas St., Punta Princesa, Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
TEL:   +63 32 2615738
EMAIL: fcq@fcq.com